1. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) - Climate and energy, oceans, ecosystems
  2. Pure Earth - Solve pollution problems in lower income countries. In poor communities, there are more than nine million deaths globally attributed to disease-causing pollution.
  3. Oceana - Ending the shark fin trade, halting the use of seismic airguns to find oil and gas (which damages the ocean floor), and reducing the accidental catch of non-target fish and wildlife within commercial fishing.
  4. - Dedicated to combating climate change by reducing the atmosphere's carbon dioxide concentration to the safe level of 350 parts per million. (We currently sit at 400 parts per million.)
  5. The Nature Conservancy - Climate change, fire, fresh water, forests, invasive species, and marine ecosystems.
  6. Earthjustice  - Largest non-profit environmental law organization dedicated to leveraging unrivaled legal expertise toward litigating environmental issues.
  7. Natural Resources Defense Council - Climate, land, wildlife, water, oceans, energy, food, sustainable communities.
  8. Rainforest Alliance - Organization that works to conserve biodiversity. One of their biggest pushes has been transforming land-use practices via their sustainable certification programs. Rainforest Alliance's sustainable agriculture program hosts training programs for farmers. Then, they award the Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal to products—coffee, tea, bananas, chocolate, and, really, anything else you'll find in the rainforest—that meet their sustainable crop standards.
  9. Environmental Research and Education Foundation - Support waste management practices that will benefit communities, industries, and the planet. Trash is a huge issue that directly contributes to the climate crisis, and it’s important to make sure our efforts to reduce waste are sustainable for all involved.
  10. Coalition for Rainforest Nations - Intergovernmental organization of over 50 rainforest nations around the world, from Ecuador to Bangladesh to Fiji. 
  11. Clean Air Task Force - Led a successful campaign to reduce the pollution caused by coal-fired power plants in the US, helped limit the US power sector’s CO2 emissions, and helped establish regulations of diesel, shipping, and methane emissions.
  12. Information Technology and Innovative Foundation - Looks into smart clean energy research and development and the effectiveness of increasing spending in that space, then advises policymakers on the best course of action.
  13. American Rivers - River restoration, federal river management, clean water supply.
  14. Trees for the Future - Planted more than 115 million trees in more than a dozen countries, revitalizing thousands of acres of soil. Trees for the Future also offers a carbon footprint calculator and program for you to offset your own footprint. 
  15. Sandbag - Advocates for carbon capture and storage in the EU, pushes for strong carbon pricing, and works to accelerate the coal phase-out in Europe so as to ensure all plants are closed before 2030.
  16. Climate Emergency Fund - Quickly getting money to groups engaged in climate protest.
  17. Friends of the Earth - (FOE) pushes the envelope, often fighting for reforms and laws that seem out of reach.
  18. Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW) - global alliance of lawyers, scientists, and other activists from around the world. ELAW volunteers give their time to advocate for communities who need better environmental protection with legal and scientific support. 
  19. Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment - Works to empower individuals, organizations, and other groups to demand better environmental protection from the government, take care of nature, and more.
  20. Asian Pacific Environmental Network - Movement to change economic, social, and environmental institutions to support a better quality of life for everyone on Earth, with a focus on Asian and Pacific Islander communities.
  21. Acadia Center - Target the clean energy sector making sure that clean energy is a big part of the planet’s future. The organization does this through research, advocacy, education, and more.
  22. Panthera - Only organization on the planet solely dedicated to protecting the world's 40 wild cat species. 16 wild cat species are considered vulnerable, endangered, or critically-endangered, Panthera's efforts are not in vain.