March 1st 2020, 

Founder, Max Heller, launched Beyond Yourself based on a lifestyle philosophy he had conceptualized and learned to live by throughout his childhood. He had always believed it was important to be open towards different people, exploring new opportunities, challenges and perspectives. He understands this mentality has the ability to inspire others towards a greater self purpose and a more constructive outlook upon the world environment. Essentially, to go Beyond Yourself means pursuing one's best self, in turn, focusing on becoming more open, understanding, and considerate of the overall bigger picture of what's going on with the world and what the future beholds with our current approach, behavior and actions towards it. More specifically, to go Beyond Yourself is to continue gaining further awareness and appreciation of people, different places and doing one's part to help this world become a much cleaner, more sustainable and eco-friendly place to live!

So on December 9th 2019, Max decided to embark on an extraordinary journey by solo traveling through South East Asia with the Beyond Yourself perspective at hand. By taking this leap of faith, stepping even further outside of his comfort zone, making connections with people from all types of countries and experiencing what feels like a completely new world, he is determined more than ever to continue the pursuit of his passion for more perspective. Because for him, solo traveling has been the most eye opening experience he has come to face, but very quickly had realized the prevalence of pollution, plastic and the incredibly ineffective waste management around him which only reaffirms the fact of the matter...

Our global environment is damaged and suffering. There is no sense in debate when the evidence is right in front of our face! We the people must magnify our own personal lenses by focusing on the overall bigger picture, putting the need for change at the forefront of action. It is time to better acknowledge and become more responsive towards the facts and truth behind the climate crisis. It is time all people, countries and businesses start operating on a more eco-friendly basis. It is time to B - THE REASON - Y we all strive to revive our air, oceans, land, and water by being better people and thinking beyond just ourselves and our day to day routines. We are all humans living on this planet, so we must go beyond ourselves and strive to do better together!